Hi, I’m Natalia Danilova and this is my breeding station of Welsh Corgi Pembroke and Cardigan.

When I was little, my father brought home a dog which was already grown up and I think that she’ve seen a lot of things in her life. My mother didn’t want to leave her at home and I was very worried about it. But the dog stayed. She was small, white and her mouth was very curved. She lived with us for the rest of her life and I think that she was happy.

That’s how I met dogs.

I bought my first dog when I was 30 years old, I had my own apartment and the children grew up. It was a West Highland White Terrier named Pacha and he looked like that dog from my childhood. And then Pacha had a friend Moby, and then Bernese Sennenhund Bencho and then another and another… One day my daughter and I were sitting at a dog show and decided to have corgi. So the search began. I wrote letters to breeders, clubs in different countries and couldn’t find my corgi. And suddenly they answered me, I received an email from Norway. They had a natural bobtail corgi boy. And when I saw him for the first time in the photo I had no doubts – we are going to Norway to get him. It was Gizmo. I was very lucky with him, because he has the character of a real pembroke, he is Alpha and solves problems inside the pack, I am very comfortable with him. And then I went to France to get my first pembroke girl Onorine. That’s how my kennel was born and now I have a lot of dogs, the most important thing for me is that they are happy and cheerful and know that I love them.

In my breeding, I try to get rid of genetic diseases and make X-rays for future doggie parents, because this is what we can really do for our future puppies. Now there is a lot of talk about genetic corgi diseases, opinions are divided, but I am a lawyer by education and I consider it incorrect to express my opinion about genetics. I’ll just do my best to ensure that my dogs don’t have genetic diseases, so they will bring happines to their new owners.